Dir en grey interview

WUOG: You said in another interview that Uroboros will have an oriental sound. What does “oriental” mean and why did you want to go in that direction?

Kaoru: It doesn’t really mean physically oriental like having oriental sounds and implementing special instruments, but it’s more about creating an oriental feel, using ethnic themes. Whether or not listeners will pick up an Eastern sound, or a sound from somewhere else, I don’t know. But people who have been to our recent shows would probably get it. Between songs on stage Kyo would would chant, or scream and yell, without the band. Now we wanna implement that element this album as an entire band.

WUOG: This question is from a fan named Hannah. Do you or do any of the members have a certain spiritual belief that in some way affects your performance?

Kaoru: Nope. It’s just that everything we’ve done as a band up until now, from the stage, the sounds, our intensity,  has lead to that religious theme. We just do what fits us best. I don’t know what the future will hold.

WUOG: So then when you record an album do you have a theme in mind like “oriental” or “sorrow” when you write new songs or does each song stand on its own and they come together in the end?

Kaoru: It might start out sketchy. For example, if something is present in the melody, like “darkness” or “sorrow,” or even if there is a major theme we definitely want to have in the album, it might not stay that way. For the ethnic feel that we made as a band, we didn’t decide to do it from the beginning. It revealed itself gradually. Sometimes, even halfway through an album, I won’t even know what kind of theme it’s going to have.

WUOG: Is it that you want to affect your fans and your audience somehow?

Kaoru: It’s not that we want people to be moved. But if they feel something, anything at all, that’s fine.

WUOG: Your web site used to say that Dir en grey’s purpose was to “expose the feeling of hurt and sorrow caused by weakness, shallowness, and egoism of humanity.” What are your motivations behind these topics and not others?

Kaoru: We simply aren’t interested in “happy” things, and don’t feel them inside us. Things like “hurt” and “difficulty” were what remain in our hearts, so those are the things we want to express.

WUOG: How has your international exposure affected the band?

Kaoru: We want to become known little by little, but I don’t think we’re known at all right now. So we’re going to keep trying for that.

WUOG: When you do activities outside of Japan, is your purpose simply to be known or is there some other feeling you get when you are able to travel to America and elsewhere?

Kaoru: It’s not about success. People say, “If you do it this way or that way, you will be able to do more,”  which might be fun, but it’s not like that for us. Our  potential is lies in our songs, the stage, the feelings people get when they see us perform, and we want to feel that. We travel to reach our potential.

WUOG:  Are you going to open a-not to international fans?

Kaoru: We’re just starting to understand things about the American market, but I think it’s in the near future.

WUOG: Anything to say to your fans in English?

Kaoru: In English… English… nope.


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