Nothing to lose

I joined a few groups for Astoria inhabitants on, and Facebook. All groups center around bringing Western Queens residents together for small social gatherings. So far, the only group that has shown much promise, in that people actually meet, is the Facebook group. The other groups are slow, infrequently updated or accessed, and suggestions for events get lackluster response. But on Facebook, a person only needs to post an update and several people will reply with interest.

Despite having gotten only 30 minutes of sleep, I decided to make the trek to Astoria (I’m in LIC) for brunch at Sanford’s at the suggestion of someone on Facebook. Some of the folks had met each other before, but most hadn’t. This means that there was no “familiarity” aspect to the Facebook group’s success. For some reason, Facebook is just more expedient for social meetups, I guess! I’ve always viewed as a place for more specific meetups, for hobbies and causes and things like that. As for WhyLeaveAstoria fails to inspire social activity… who knows. This could be an interesting topic to look into for someone who studies social networks, if it hasn’t already been looked into that is.

Anyway, I had a great time at the brunch. I met someone who works at Fox News as a producer/editor. We all gave him the eyebrow raise, but he assured us he is not of a Glenn Beckian slant. In fact, he said many of the interns and staff are as liberal as they come, though there are definitely some crazies. Anyway, I said if he ever hears of any internship opportunities to let me know! Yes, I would sell myself to Fox. It would be a great learning experience and having a big name like Fox on my resume can’t be a bad thing.

Another couple there both studied Japanese in college, and the better half just got into Yale for East Asian studies. Of course I only discovered this after the brunch when I had access to their profiles after friending them, but I’m looking forward to seeing them again and talking about careers in Asian affairs.

Also coming up!! I had been applying for jobs and internships like mad at the Japan Society but with no luck. Finally, after my mosts recent internship attempt, I emailed asking if the position was even still open (it was not), but probably would be again around summer. So I decided I had nothing to lose by volunteering there in the meantime. The woman I will be meeting with to discuss working at the Welcome Desk also hires for the internships and many of the jobs. I’m only doing myself a favor by meeting her; I’d stand a much better chance of getting considered for another position if she already knows me!

The common thread here: Network, network, network.

And finally, my old fundraiser co-chair and I will be meeting at the beginning of April to brainstorm the next event for Queens Harvest Food Co-op. We’re looking to have a late spring/early summer event.


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