Donald Trump Is a Lot Like Hitler. Just Ask His Fans.

It’s in vogue for many of Donald Trump’s “haters” to compare the man to a modern-day Hitler. Whether it’s because of his inflammatory rhetoric—that he supports a database of refugees to monitor them, thinks Mexicans as rapists who will pay for a border wall to keep themselves out, tweeted a meme that black people kill each other a lot, and utters a plethora of shameful comments to and about women—or because of the un-apologetically racist and violent behavior at his rallies—people yelling “white power” and “sieg heil,” cheering when a black protester is asked to be lit on fire, asking Trump what he’s going to do about America’s “Muslim problem“—or both, no presidential candidate in recent history has evoked Godwin’s Law quite like this one.

Some of these comparisons are in pitiful jest, others more earnest in their worry about the base he is attracting and what his policies might entail. And many people, pro-Trump or not, think the comparison is silly, unjustified, or even grotesque. Rabbi Brad Hirschfield for Fox asks, “There are [sic] plenty which reasonable people can dislike about Donald Trump, his campaign and at least many of the policies for which he advocates, but Hitler? … Have the people making these comparisons lost their minds?”

I have some bad news for Rabbi Hirschfield: It’s not only Trump’s haters who make the comparison.

Actual neo-Nazis, nativists, and white supremacists are among Trump’s most fervent supporters. Once out of place in the modern political arena, they genuinely think Trump is the candidate who will achieve their vision of America: white, straight, dominant, and hostile to others. They think Trump is American’s Hitler, and relish in it.

I came across this group after perusing Trump’s Twitter feed. I noticed one or two users in particular who replied quickly to some of his latest tweets, always asking Trump to break up the Jewish media or to stop “white genocide.”I followed their timelines down a Nazi (white) rabbit hole that lead me to some common memes and personalities among this newly politically empowered (or so they think) group:

  • Self-professed Nazis and white supremacists (though they will often call euphemistically call themselves “pro-white” instead) who think the white race is in danger of extinction/otherwise oppsressed
  • Alt Right” conservatives: neo-reactionaries who feel that traditional conservatism doesn’t go far enough to quash feminism, diversity, and other progressive ideologies
  • Nearly all conservative candidates except Trump are “cuckservative,” that is, they don’t “kowtow to ultra-right political views and are inept traitors to the conservative base that elected them
  • Trump is the “alpha” or more manly candidate while others are “beta” or feminine/submissive (one user said Ted Cruz “won’t gain traction because he has a feminine facial ratio. A beta compared with alpha Trump“)
  • Putting words in treble parentheses to signal they are talking about Jews, e.g., “The (((media))) is biased against Trump.”
  • Never-before-heard slurs: “Muzzies” for Muslims; “Dindu” for blacks as in “I dindu nuffin,” a bastardization of the phrase “didn’t do nothing,” a plea for innocence often used in reference to unarmed black men killed by police.
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia not otherwise mentioned

A look back at tweets in support for any other presidential candidate since 2008 produces nothing even close to the level of out-of-this-world right winging as in support for Trump.

Below are a collection of some of the most head-shaking tweets I could find in support of Trump. I blocked out their names and avatars, leaving only hashtags or at-mentions of politicians. I’m not interested in shaming/outing anyone, except Trump. Unless noted all tweets come from different users. The tweets themselves may not contain content that supports Trump but all users were verified to have pro-Trump endorsements elsewhere in their timeline or profile.

None of this is to say that these Twitter users are correct. They may very well be wrong to think that Trump is Hitler reborn. Trump already said his haters are wrong to compare him to Hitler (and that he’s more like FDR). But what does he have to say about his supporters doing the same?

One of the original tweets I found asking Trump to break up the Jewish media that led me down this path:


Several white supremacist users who align Trump with their vision of America:whiteagainSimilar searches using other candidates’ names produced no results.

Here a Trump supporter posts a picture of Trump, dressed as a Nazi, gassing Jewish Bernie Sanders:

Another image implying Hitler would be a Trump supporter. This is NOT from a parody account; the user’s timeline is entirely neo-Nazi sympathizing:

The first image of Trump as the new Hitler was retweeted by the same user as who wrote the second: an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi. While most people compare Trump to Hilter to discredit him, these people relish in the comparison:

Another user:

The following four tweets were made by the same user. He explicitly calls for “white racists” to “unite for Trump.” The blacked out bars at the end of each tweet are links to the user’s white-power website:

One of the more frightening posts from a white supremacist Trump supporter alerts the masses that white people can be “evil, ruthless, and murderous” if we’re not careful. He echos the sentiments of the above user who says “Aroused, informed, and organized the White race is 10 times more powerful than the Jews and all the mud raced combined”:
Note the 13 retweets and 27 favorites. 

Trump vs “kikes”:

Lest you think it’s only anti-Semetics who are voting for Trump, rest assured. There’s plenty of hatred for blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, gays, and women.

This user, a Trump supporter, posts a caricature of black people and Democrats, complete with ebonics and a jungle motif:

This user, who has an image supporting Trump as his timeline background and whose profile picture ironically says “Heritage Not Hate,” asks his followers who they hate more: blacks, gays, Muslims/Middle Easterners, or trans* people (Jews spared!):

A collection of users who can’t wait for Trump to get rid of Mexicans:

A search for “Trump beaners” comes up with a goldmine of Trump supporters who don’t mince words about their hatred of Mexicans (and blacks, and Jews, and Muslims, and women):spec

A search for “Cruz beaners” results in Trump supporters calling Cruz and Rubio beaners (edgy!)cruz
A search for “Carson beaners” leads to a whole one made-up quote: “Send all the illegal beaners to the fields.” -Ben Carson

Same results for “Trump faggot” and “Trump niggers”:
In the interest of fairness I will say that “Trump faggot” brought up a lot of people calling Trump a faggot.





Women aren’t spared:sam




It would be disingenuous of Trump to say that he is unaware that his supporters include actual neo-Nazis and their ilk. His refusal to shake them off is either purely political, or he actually agrees with them. (The hopeful in me thinks the former.) So is he just being politically coy? If not, how much of his vision for America aligns with what the above tweets?

What say ye, Trump?


[Before anyone fires up their text editor to tell me that free speech is free for all no matter what the content and I have no right to admonish these tweets just because I don’t like what they say: This post isn’t about free speech. It’s not about whether or not people have the right to be racist or bigoted. This post about the fact that Donald Trump has support from neo-Nazis and their ilk who and they genuinely think he will manifest their vision like a new Hitler, and no one is paying attention to this fact.]


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