Exactly Who Has Congratulated Trump on Being Right About Islamic Terrorism

Exactly no one.

About 12 hours after news of the Orlando shooting that left 50 people dead and more injured broke, Donald Trump tweeted the following:

He’s being roundly criticized for turning the worst massacre in US history into an opportunity to gloat. Yet in typical Trump fashion, he’s doubled down on his tweet, telling Fox and Friends that he is “getting thousands of letters and tweets that I was right about the whole situation.”

But is he?

Trump initially posted about the incident June 12th at 11:45 am, and tweeted about appreciated all his praise he was getting just an hour later at 12:45 pm. This would imply that Trump was receiving congratulations on being “right on radical Islamic terrorism” within this hour, or perhaps before.

I used Twitter’s advanced search to look for mentions to @realdonald trump that included either the words “congrats” or “congratulations” on June 12th and got the following results:


Exactly no one told Trump “congrats” or “congratulations” on anything at all.

I searched for the word “right”:


Islam or Islamic:




You get the picture.

Which begs me to say: not only is Trump lying about what happened, he’s lying about his supporters. On Twitter, anyway, not a single one of them took this opportunity to be smug about their candidate.


5 thoughts on “Exactly Who Has Congratulated Trump on Being Right About Islamic Terrorism

  1. It’s called a “humblebrag”. Trump congratulated himself, because one of his impulsive guesses turned out to be mostly correct. However, he makes these knee-jerk guesses constantly, and his average on being right is poor.

      1. I’m suggesting he’s lying, as well as agreeing with you that no one said it. He said it to himself. That’s what this type of deceit technique is. You congratulate yourself, but attribute it to someone else. Lying isn’t hard for Trump. It’s an ordinary part of his behavior.

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