Donald Trump Is a Lot Like Hitler. Just Ask His Fans.

It’s in vogue for many of Donald Trump’s “haters” to compare the man to a modern-day Hitler. Whether it’s because of his inflammatory rhetoric—that he supports a database of refugees to monitor them, thinks Mexicans as rapists who will pay for a border wall to keep themselves out, tweeted a meme that black people kill each other a lot, and utters a plethora of shameful comments to and about […]

What’s in a name?

The Ethicist column in the December 6th issue of New York Times Magazine featured a female contributor with some serious qualms about her fiancee’s father’s criminal past—enough to consider breaking off the marriage completely. Her list of grievances with marrying the fellow included: “…I would have to take the name of…someone I find morally reprehensible.” This admission […]

Only the very young and the very old may recount their dreams at breakfast, dwell upon self, interrupt with memories of beach picnics and favorite Liberty lawn dresses and the rainbow trout in a creek near Colorado Springs. The rest of us are expected, rightly, to affect absorption in other people’s favorite dresses, other people’s […]

What Feminism Is (and Isn’t)

This is old news by now, but if you want to waste some time reading yet another article that blames drunk women for causing their own rape, read College Women: Stop Getting Drunk by Emily Yoffe. I don’t even care to comment on the victim-blaming part (so done). I do want to comment on this […]

Indego Africa // Fashion Week Pop-Up Shop // New York, NY

Indego Africa ( is a non-profit that supports female artisans in Rwanda by training them in business skills and design, and partnering them with brands like Nicole Miller, J. Crew, and Anthropologie to sell their beautiful handicrafts in the US and Europe. Throughout the year, IA likes to set up pop-up shops that are free, […]